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The beginning of a series of efforts to overcome the defeated mentality of Muslim society and the crisis of identity against Islamists – Satyakathan. Rather than repeating the non-resolved anti-atheistic debates, it is not the main issue, but the main purpose of true story is to face intellectual hatred.

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Book Review

In the book, there are 9 different merit young writers on 17 different topics. I am briefing some brief details.The story of a different kind of stoneLosing the way is the real experience of the helpless authors. The book of atheists whose question raises the question – is that religion, a creator, these are true? Or just some common belief? The true journey begins. At the end of the path, he gets upset and finally he is the truth – the creator must be there while he is one. This is the eternal claim of philosophy, reason and common sense.

Inappropriate atheism:French mathematician Pascal tried to convince the numerator how to believe in God rather than disbelief in God is more secure for all of us. As the atheists refrain from throat embarrassment, science or philosophy, nothing that will never give results to them at any given time, it is different from filing.
.Absence of existence and lack of morality:In the words, those who make foam by science science, these are the words for them. Is science really the solution to everything? By stopping the glasses of the nose, with the science of the senses, what is the realization of our life is really easy? Where is the last solution? A less interesting, heartwarming text.
.Religion Requirements:Good-evil, right-wrong-will decide? The rules and regulations of a particular country? Special visit to someone? Or our own conscience? But nothing of these things is unchanged. That’s all of the standards in the trial. Only these weaknesses can show us our way up and down, who is our Creator, and none other. Through a conversation of two people, the writer simply waits for the author.There are many different types of articles. Read this in a chance to read others.