Android No hang 100% Or Easy charge in one second

Present days everyone has smart phone.but smart is so boring,becse the phone very hang for some resone thats why boring feel our  mine,amader ta teke baste leves much importent very esy for our.So,why phone is So hang .resone is one of the most of them is so beriyeble .

1.Mobile phone is so Esy method to use it

2.So you can permanently Easy for you .every one has phone is

Take a small piece of dry leaves or a small piece of paper when your mobile phone is charged.
The piece should be small so that only the middle connector can be blocked. Next Connectors
Is not blocked. Block the middle connector with a dry leaf or paper and put the battery on the mobile. Then on the phone
Please. The phone will take 5 to 6 seconds to be on-the-go. During this time, drag the dirt to the blocking connector over the connector so that the connector is unblocked. Then see that the display of your mobile display is full charge. If you have an immigration call / SMS, then do it and look for the quick charger.

When you open the batteries of any mobile, you will see that there are three connectors where the DC voltage supply from the battery is given from the battery. Another negative of two connectors on both sides is negative
Works as Also get another connector in the middle.